Green Home Projects

There are numerous benefits to living in a green home. There are five main benefits to living in a green home, everything from a better return on investment to having a positive environmental impact:

  • A healthier home environment through improved indoor air quality: Green means paints, adhesives, sealants and finishes are low VOC so they don’t stink and cause respiratory illness. It means fresh air is brought into the house, air filters are working, so we breathe clean air. It also means mold prevention, non-toxic pest control and non-toxic household cleaners. All of these lead to better indoor air quality and a healthier home — which also saves money.


  • Increased the value of the home: Studies have shown that a building’s value increases by 3-5 percent when it is green. This can make a big difference in today’s market.


  • Lower energy bills: Green means better insulation, tight ductwork, sealed doors and windows, efficient heating and cooling, efficient lighting and appliances. All of those together pay us back over time with lower electric and gas bills.


  • Lower water bills: Green means low flow faucets and shower heads, dual flush toilets, efficient irrigation systems, and managing the storm water on site — all of which lead to lower water bills.


  • Increased home durability: Green means quality building that lasts longer than a comparable product. Over time, we save money in maintenance and replacement costs.


We update the interior of your home with the modern conveniences of life without compromising the exterior and how it fits into your community. We also make an extra effort to incorporate environmental friendly designs and architecture into your home. With the rising cost of energy, it just makes sense to “go green!” Contact us for green home solutions today or call us directly at 703-534-5930.

Green Home